Reprint news: Imaginarium 4

2016-03-20 10.25.46

I am beyond delighted that “Charlemagne and Florent,” first published at Myths Inscribed, made it into Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. The anthology was born this month but contains what the editors feel are the best speculative Canadian tales of 2014. It’s nice to be a part of the Chizine Publications family, however small that part is, and it’s extra nice to be included in a book for which Margaret Atwood wrote the introduction. (Pinches self.) This antho is a brick at 500 pages and features piles of talented Canada-associated writers. Super worth picking up at evil Amazon or elsewhere because it’s a great read and supports a Toronto indie press that does valuable work.

2016-03-20 10.24.23

Look how pretty. What’s most special to me about this reprint (beyond the fact that it’s my first) is that, when I wrote this wee quantum entanglement tale way the heck back in 2013 or so, I set it in a Breton town I’d never visited but desperately wanted to. Oddly enough, much later,  I was sitting in a tabac in that very town when editor Sandra Kasturi sent me the proofs. That was a surreal day and a fulfilling one. This all makes me extra glad I chose to bunk down in Vannes for three weeks last year. On the downside, I learned I messed up a few geographical facts once I “walked” the story in person, but small price. Google may not be quite the oracle we think it is, and it’s no substitute for experience, but that’s the great thing about speculative writing… One can convincingly dodge the facts, if one choses to. Mea culpa but sorry-not-sorry, too. Vannes 4ever.


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