Workshopping at Writefest Houston

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.43.47 PM

I was invited by the organizers of Writefest in Houston, TX to talk about the writer/editor relationship with new(ish) writers (and editors, it turns out). Because I wasn’t able to make it down in person, I got to have my shining hour via Skype. And it was very shiny, being on the same speaker roster as Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, Mike Allen of Mythic Delirium, the McSweeney’s gang and others. The session was moderated by writer and editor Julia Rios, and it was great to “meet” her at last, as we’ve been linked on Facebook and Twitter for some time. I only wish I’d had a chance to Skype-meet co-organizer Layla Al-Bedawi, as well, who seems to be a righteous person indeed. The talk was fun, the questions were great, and I had to think hard about what makes an editor “good” versus “bad” in a world where subjectivity has much weight and where the publishing game is in roiling flux. The Huffington Post has a lovely writeup, and I’m just one of many who wish Writefest a long, perennial life.


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