Issue 7 coverMuch has happened since last post—and I blame a four-month escape to Europe for not updating this record for some time, especially since there’s news. First, Lackington’s Issues 7 (“Skins”) and 8 (“Dreamings”) came into the world, and Issue 9 (“Architectures”) will appear February 10. I’ve also been invited to give a long-distance workshop about writer/editor relationships to a roomful of emerging writers in Houston, Texas, at Writefest in late February. There has been the reading of a short story for the Glittership podcast (in which I mangle the author’s name but over which we fortunately had a good laugh–once more, apologies to Bonnie Jo!), and it also looks like I’ll be a short fiction judge at this year’s Ottawa Geek Market in April (I promise not to mangle anything there). Much novel was written while riding the rails of Europe and seeing ever so many bucket-list things—at the expense of short fiction. WIP and Lackington’s are keeping me busy enough, no fear. More soon.


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