Issue 6 (“Seas”) Is Here

Issue 6 coverSo happy that Issue 6 is finally out, the more so because it contains a breathtaking story by L.S. Johnson that was originally slated for Issue 4 (“Institutions”). Her tale, “Littoral Drift,” deserves to be out in the world. I’m also pleased that this issue contains not one but two formally experimental pieces, by U.K. author/academic Steven Earnshaw, and New York author/academic Michael Cisco. (Um, yes — a large portion of our contributors are PhDs. This surprises no one.) Lackington’s always wants stories that play with traditional prose structure as well as language, so I’m tickled. It’s an added privilege to be able to feature a fragment of Cisco’s amazing, yet-to-be-published novel, UNLANGUAGE, another section of which appeared in Postscripts to Darkness Volume 5.