Evohe! Lackington’s Issue 5

Issue 5 coverLackington’s Issue 5 is bursting with beldams, so I suppose it’s anagram-ably fitting that the cover features a god of bedlam, the magnificent Dionysus. Lackington’s covers aren’t commissioned to match issue themes,* but this one worked out, in a way. My friend, the equally magnificent Derek Newman-Stille of Speculating Canada, had done interior artwork for the magazine before, and when I asked him for a cover, our mutual love for all things Dionysian resulted in an image I couldn’t be happier with. Thank you, talented one! I hope you never stop painting. (Readers: check out Derek’s portfolio. ‘Tis beauty.)

*I give each cover artist only two instructions: that the image feature books and that it give some sense, even if just fleeting or symbolic, of the late eighteenth century, in honour of the magazine’s namesake. I’m always delighted to see how each artist interprets that request.