Lackington’s Issue 4 Is Now

Issue 4 CoverLackington’s Issue 4 was sent to subscribers and went on sale October 28, and now it’s free to read for everyone on the website (please do consider supporting us if you’re a happy reader). This issue contains five stories that tell of “institutions” material and otherwise, and has already garnered some wonderful attention from reviewers I admire. Charlotte Ashley wrote up Penny Stirling’s remarkable experimental piece about a parliament of birds for Apex Magazine‘s “Clavis Aurea” review series, while Amal El-Mohtar, over at‘s “Rich and Strange” review series, has expounded on the connections between two pieces of science fiction I am proud to have been able to include in Lackington’s: Rose Lemberg’s “Stalemate” and Kate Heartfield’s “Bonsaiships of Venus.” These readers are the market we work for, so our satisfaction runs deep. It fills me with wonder to discover such impressive fiction in the submissions box and to have that fiction noticed and written about so beautifully and perceptively after the fact. I don’t think these thrills will ever wear off.

Lackington’s Issue 4
Charlotte Ashley’s Apex Magazine review
Amal El-Mohtar’s review