Femme Fatale Interview on CKCU-FM

CKCU-FMToday I got to chat about editing and genre-writing from a feminist slant on CKCU-FM’s Femme Fatale with host Lilith Nuttal. I’ve become a bit of an evangelist about “active editing” and admit I like to talk about it at every opportunity — and will continue to do so until editors’ inboxes are brimming with submissions from a diverse population that feels 100% welcome. Until writers of colour stop getting rejections from editors who tell them their setting isn’t “Western enough.” Until stories about straight white dudes are no longer seen as “apolitical” and somehow more genuine. The work, it’s bloody ongoing. But meanwhile fun radio interview on a great and storied station that’s holding its annual funding drive! If you have a few spare pennies, please consider helping CKCU meet its goal. It’s been a fixture in this community, and on the Canadian arts scene, since forever.

Click here for the full interview (starts about 8 minutes in).