Can-Con 2014

cancon-logoI’ll be participating on four panels at Can-Con, October 3-5. I was delighted to be asked for some ideas about panels this year, one of which is close to my heart: a discussion about the place of poetic, experimental, or maximalist prose styles in SFF fiction today (“Stop Counting Adjectives”). It’ll also be fun to jog my expertise about the history of execution and representations of execution on the “Crime and Punishment” panel. I’m looking forward not just to the discussions but to the overall gathering, which brings friends in from out of town for conversations, readings, and amazing South Asian suppers. My schedule is below; I’ll also be in the Dealer’s Room at times, staffing the Postscripts to Darkness table with co-editor Sean Moreland and cover artist extraordinaire Cherry Valance.

Friday, October 3

7pm: Readings from the new utopian anthology, Hieroglyph (I was invited to be a reader along with editor Kathryn Cramer and writing worthies Madeline Ashby, Robin Riopelle, and Matt Moore. I’m excited to crack this antho, which includes work by Elizabeth Bear and Cory Doctorow.)

Saturday, October 4

3pm: A Feminist Exploration of the Female Villain — Matt Moore, Derek Newman-Stille, Madeline Ashby, Liz Strange, Ranylt Richildis

4pm: Stop Counting Adjectives: Language and Experimentation in Speculative Fiction — Ranylt Richildis, Sean Moreland, Sandra Kasturi, Yves Menard

5pm: Law and Crime and Punishment in Medieval Times — Ariella Elema, Ranylt Richildis, Kate Heartfield, Matthew Johnson

Sunday, October 5

2pm: The Most Deadly Mirage: Originality, Imitation, Homage, and Plagiarism in Speculative Fiction — Ranylt Richildis, Sean Moreland, Kate Heartfield, Jo Walton

All of which means I get to be on two panels with PstD partner-in-crime Sean Moreland, two with friend and PstD/Lackington’s author Kate Heartfield, one with out-of-town friend and PstD/Lackington’s artist Derek Newman-Stille of Speculating Canada, and one with Guest of Honour Jo Walton.

All these spilled words are evidence of my excitement. You can read the full schedule of panels, events, and parties here. Huge thanks to the con’s tireless organizers!