Mini-Interview at The Future Fire

chimThe very kind staff of The Future Fire posted mini-interviews of its Issue 30 authors on their Facebook page. The questions relate to my story “No Chimeras,” which TFF was kind enough to publish and illustrate. It was a pleasure, and here are the results:

TFF: What does “No Chimeras” mean to you?
RR: “No Chimeras” is a reminder to myself to distinguish between productive imagination and castles in the air — because I have a problem managing that distinction in my own head. But it also vilifies the utilitarian, anti-arts mandate that creeps into politics from time to time, today and going back to the ancient world.

TFF: What are you writing next?
RR: I’m working on two novels simultaneously right now (is that wise?). One is a post-apocalyptic story set in real-world Ontario, Canada in the near future; the other is an epic secondary-world fantasy — without a whit of magic (or chimeras) in it, so I’m not sure how that will fly.

Excerpt: “His antennae droop, and so does his head, and Osheen waits to see if the chimera will succumb to instinct, turn away from the cave, and return to hiding somewhere in the ravening valley. Many do — many more are deterred from shedding by Osheen’s words once they stand or coil or hover in the mountain cave, wary of the white wire, of the map, of odds.”