CKCU-FM Interview (PstD V5)

V5I was asked to effuse about the upcoming launch of Postscripts to Darkness Volume 5, and all things PstD-related, on CKCU FM’s Literary Landscapes spot last night, co-hosted by Kate Hunt. Kate is a big supporter of speculative fiction and was happy to talk about the burgeoning SFF cluster in Ottawa, which includes Postscripts and Lackington’s, as well as Bundoran Press, Can-Con, and the ChiSeries readings that take place four times a year — and a passel of talented local writers. There was so much to say and so little time; our amazing illustrators certainly deserved mention alongside our writers, but I was distracted by the words once again. I could talk about the stunning cover art by Ottawa’s Cherry Valance all day, for instance, and the elegant cover design that Danny Lalonde continues to bring to each project. I’ll make a point to hail Dan, Cherry and the other artists at our launch at Raw Sugar, Thursday July 31, 7pm.  You can stream the interview here.