A Ripple of Activity

Issue 1 CoverBehold: new posts. Well, not really new. More a matter of porting my fiction over to this repository. What is new is my plunging into the publishing game. In 2013, after featuring my story “Long After the Greeks” in their second volume, Postscripts to Darkness asked me to come on board as an editor, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I struck out and founded my own quarterly, Lackington’s — named in honour of James Lackington, a fellow I’ve admired since writing a graduate thesis about him (and because it’s the sort of nice, firm, direct name that helps balance out the sometimes indirect poetic prose contained therein). Lackington’s and PstD keep me busy, as does fiction-writing, when the maggot bites. All the words and links and such can be found somewhere in these here parts, which were south of dormant while I was completing the PhD. No regrets, but it’s nice to have time to devote to finer things again. I may not be writing about film anymore, but I have been writing. See?