Euro-Horror Project: Anatomy

(Stefan Ruzowitzky, 2002) German student Paula (Franka Potente) wades into a stew of eugenics, vivisection and arcane cabals when she accepts a place at a prestigious medical school and winds up mired in a murder mystery. While Anatomy‘s thrills are enough to sustain attention, and while its narrative is sufficiently taut and its clinical atmosphere moodily appropriate, the movie’s more renowned for what’s on set: the plasticized corpses made famous by the controversial Korperwelten exhibit, created by Heidelberg’s Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Along with the impact of seeing Von Hagens’ anatomical art up close and eerily lit, the film also delivers scalpel-sharp grue and deboned stereotypes (like the blonde bombshell with the genius IQ) — and for the most part it succeeds. Part of a suggestive pattern in retrospective, Anatomy is one of several millennial Euro-thrillers that focus on biomedicine and its uneasy psychological imprint, filmed as Western minds weighed the fate of humankind in the next one thousand years (see The Crimson Rivers). –Ranylt Richildis

What’s the Euro-Horror Project?


One thought on “Euro-Horror Project: Anatomy

  1. I liked this movie, granted I was starved for something different than thai game shows, so my recollection of this film may be biased…

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