Ten Favourite Films of 2005

Lucrecia Martel's "The Holy Girl"

Here’s another unit from In Review Online’s Yearbook project: my pick for the 10 outstanding movies of 2005. Films are listed in alphabetical order, and ‘year’ is determined over at InRO by a movie’s first US release, limited or wide (not festivals or exclusive screenings).

Caché, directed by Michael Haneke (Austria)

Café Lumière, directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taiwan)

A History of Violence, directed by David Cronenberg (US)

The Holy Girl, directed by Lucrecia Martel (Argentina)

The Intruder, directed by Claire Denis (France)

Kings and Queen, directed by Arnaud Desplechin (France)

Saraband, directed by Ingmar Bergman (Sweden)

Tropical Malady, directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)

The White Diamond, directed by Werner Herzog (Germany)

The World, directed by Jia Zhang-ke (China)

Ingmar Bergman's final film, "Saraband"

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(List originally published on In Review Online, on March 11, 2010.)


2 thoughts on “Ten Favourite Films of 2005

  1. The Holy Girl! SO great, and my introduction to the phenomenal Lucrecia Martel. I was technically impressed with Caché, but I wasn’t blown away by it as some people seemed to be.

  2. I have to admit, KL, that Cache isn’t my favourite Haneke by far–I’m such a fan of his early stuff–but it still held a lot for me and it seems an important note in his career-long examination of urban anxiety. An almost inevitable film. And restrained, for him!

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