True Narrator

David Mills* 1961 - 2010

We lost a great writer yesterday, and far too soon. Though he mainly worked in television, David Mills wore the skin of a novelist, delivering serialized social fiction as thick as Dickens. His work made it clear that he was the best kind of journalist: one who saw the connections, the nuances, the good in the bad and the bad in the good. His work with David Simon proved, at last, that television has all the potential of a Hard Times, can give us characters as memorable as Scrooge, and can invite repeat viewings the way we re-read (and rediscover) classic literature. David Mills was literature, even if we all too often dismiss his chosen form.

Though I never saw ER and I’ve yet to see Homicide (or the first season of Treme, just beginning to air), thank you for giving us The Wire and The Corner, and for bringing to the small screen something nearly too big for it to contain. — Ranylt Richildis

*If anyone’s found a decent image of Mills online, please send a link. For now, a shot of one of Mills’ most memorable — if not the most memorable — characters will have to serve. And maybe that’s just as fitting.

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