Ten Favourite Films of 2001

Béla Tarr's "Werckmeister Harmonies"

In Review Online’s Yearbook project made me think hard about film over the past decade. Building on last week’s list of ten outstanding movies from 2000, here are my picks for 2001 (watch this space next week for 2002). Films are listed in alphabetical order, and ‘year’ is determined over at InRO by a movie’s first US release, limited or wide (not festivals or exclusive screenings).

Code Unknown, directed by Michael Haneke (France)

Fat Girl, directed by Catherine Breillat (France)

The Gleaners and I, directed by Agnès Varda (France)

Gosford Park, directed by Robert Altman (US)

In the Mood for Love, directed by Wong Kar Wai (Hong Kong)

La ciénaga, directed by Lucrecia Martel (Argentina)

Little Otik, directed by Jan Svankmajer (Czech Republic)

Mulholland Dr., directed by David Lynch (US)

The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson (US)

Werckmeister Harmonies, directed by Béla Tarr (Hungary)

David Lynch's "Mulholland Dr."

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(List originally published on In Review Online, on March 11, 2010.)


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