The Film Cake

Weddings aren’t my thing, but when I married my husband, one concession to tradition was made for the sake of the relatives. That concession was a cake, which we served to parents and siblings after getting hitched at city hall. Given its symbolic role, we knew the cake had to be memorable, so we hired a local artist to design something particular to us. It cost as much as our wedding bands and it’s as gaudy as Phyllis Diller, but it was worth every cent—the only extravagance in an event that featured no diamonds or flowers or dress (we even made the family feast ourselves).

I met my husband in a video shop, and not just any video shop. Invisible Cinema deals in everything rare and outrageous and great, one of those places that sorts its collection by director as well as genre. On a Sunday in January 2002, I rolled out of bed, put on my ugliest coat, and hiked through the cold to pick up my weekly quota of movies. Sitting behind the counter, on the guest couch, was a random handsome man who’d gotten to know the shop’s owner, Wyatt. The three of us talked film for 10 minutes or so. On my next visit to the shop, Wyatt convinced me to let him give Random Handsome Man my phone number—RHM had taken a shine to me, and since I’d known Wyatt for years (a one-time schoolmate of my brother), I agreed. It was out of character on my part, but I figured a man who loves film as much as I do can’t be all wrong.

When Not-So-Random-After-All-Man and I got married years later, we knew that if we brought any theme-related tackiness into the festivities, it would have to be film-wise. “We fell in love over our mutual obsession with 70s cinema,” my husband likes to tell people. “When Ranylt emailed me Morricone mp3s, I knew she was the woman for me.” Not only did we meet over movies, we’ve made movies a huge part of our daily together-time. We asked The Girl With the Most Cake to create a film cake for us—something with the art nouveau flourishes of an Argento flick, perhaps. Two weeks later, on the appointed day—after showing Wyatt our rings fresh from the courthouse swap—we collected the extraordinary specimen pictured above (one tier of chocolate, one lemon). Yes, it was as delicious as it looks. Sad to think all that’s left of it is this photo. — Ranylt Richildis


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